Mathias Janko

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I, Mathias Janko (born 1988, Judenburg, Austria) live, work and study since 2010 in Vienna.
I have studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department for Transmedial Art under the direction of Brigitte Kowanz.

One of my main fields of interest is the perception and construction of realities affected by actualities through nature. My work is characterized by my view on society, question-ing social values, which are changing in relation to the increasing technical progress.

My first group exhibition, WahrHeitNehmen – Choose Reality (2010), in collaboration with Max Frey, Daniel Hafner and Tanja Schantl dealed with awareness and communi-cation. Based on Paul Watzlawick’s theses, I produced three installations which depicted various perceptions of realities through a combination of a mirror mosaic, a fixed beamer installation and a moving monitor closed circuit installation. It was my diploma project for Multimedia-Art focusing on audio-visual media at the Ortweinschule in Graz, I transferred to after three years at a secondary college for structural engineering technology.

Since I have studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, I started with structuring readymades like ballpoint-pens and audio-jack adapters to state my view of their function.

Additionally, for my physical balance I bought a chainsaw and acquired some woodworking skills. At last, I built various kinetic sculptures presenting the mechanical system as the leading part of the work.


2017   inzwischen, Villa Bujatti, Vienna, Austria
2015   Xwra Video and Media Art Festival, Ypati, Greece
2015   ZONING, FLUC, Vienna, Austria
2015   08-15, SWDZ (So Weit Die Zukunft), Vienna, Austria
2014   BROTLOSE KUNST, SWDZ (So Weit Die Zukunft), Vienna, Austria
2014   If Damien Were Viennese, Ve.Sch, Vienna, Austria
2014   I Prefer »You« in the Plural, Ve.Sch, Vienna, Austria
2014   Über Holotypen, Ve.Sch, Vienna, Austria
2010   WahrHeitNehmen, Next Andrä, Graz, Austria
2008   springeight - festival for electronic art and music, Graz, Austria