about me

Mathias Janko
born 1988 in Judenburg, Austria
I live and work in Vienna.

I always try to stay in balance, counterweighting abstract concept art with down-to-earth wood work, personal self-reflection with institutional critique, massive machines with ephemere lightness.

A recent field of interest is the perception and (de)construction of subjective realities. I my point of view those are affected by human nature’s actualities.
My work is based upon a very personal interaction with society and the approach to question its values. I react on a development caused by increasing technical progress an its influence on our every-day behaviour.
An important influence for my conceptual approach is a theorem by Paul Watzlawick, who stated that there are several realities based on perception and the subjective viewpoint.
In WahrHeitNehmen – Choose Reality, a group exhibition in Graz I expressed my reflections on that topic throughout a series of three objects of which includes as interactive, a kinetic and a dissembling piece.



postgraduate course in project management (195 hours), University Graz


Class of Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts Vienna
under the direction of Brigitte Kowanz


Audio-Visual Media Design, HTBLUVA Ortweinschule, Graz


2018   Worte & Spuren, Mezzanin Villa Bujatti, Vienna

2018   working out, Diplomausstellung, VZA3, Vienna

2017   inzwischen, Villa Bujatti, Vienna

2015   Xwra Video and Media Art Festival, Ypati, Greece

2015   ZONING, FLUC, Vienna

2015   08-15, SWDZ (So Weit Die Zukunft), Vienna

2014   BROTLOSE KUNST, SWDZ (So Weit Die Zukunft), Vienna

2014   If Damien Were Viennese, Ve.Sch, Vienna

2014   I Prefer »You« in the Plural, Ve.Sch, Vienna

2014   Über Holotypen, Ve.Sch, Vienna

2012   P.I.P., Papierfabrik, Graz

2010   WahrHeitNehmen, Next Andrä, Graz, Austria

2008   springeight – festival for electronic art and music, Graz